The Chong Ancelotti media won’t rule out the chance if he’s in charge of the spirits

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The Transfer Window Podcast has revealed that Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti will not rule out the chance to take over at Manchester United.

         The Italian boss’s name continues to be a trend with the Red Devils following reports Sir Alex Ferguson suggest it to the former club’s board. While Mauricio Pochettino and Eric Ten Hag is also in the line.

         According to The Transfer Window Podcast, talks had been held between United and Ancelotti two weeks ago. With chief executive Richard Arnold. The new man did it himself.

         The report reveals that United view Ancelotti as an experienced manager who has won many trophies. Able to work and manage the current team of the ufabet club while getting the best out of the players.

         The 62-year-old boss’ relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo is also another factor the club is looking at. After both of them had success at Real Madrid.